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2009 Global Search Marketing Conference

Update on 12th April 2009

Search Marketing Conference is a top-level feast in global SEM/SEO industry. This conference gathers the top global experts in SEM/SEO industry as well as official technicians of search engine companies to discuss the search marketing industry technology and directions issues, etc.

The subjects of the conference include SEO, SEM, B2B, advertisement federation, advertisement analyze management, and flow monitoring etc. The conference is hosted by XiaMen City Technology Division, planned and organized by Timev Events (China), Third Door Media (USA), and is undertook by XiaMen Productivity Promotion Centre and XiaMen Interaction Time Culture broadcast ltd.

Whether or how the search marketing works or helps many more businesses live through this global financial tsunami? The conference will have in-depth discussions regarding this topic.

(In picture Deputy Mayor of XiaMen Ye Chonggeng is giving the opening speech)

(In picture He Xuming, the director of Hangzhou seo network technology co. ltd, is discussing the search marketing under global financial tsunami with many other experts)

(In picture is the conference guest He Xuming, the director of Hangzhou seo network technology co. ltd)

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