About Us

Located in China, Hangzhou SEO Network Technology Co., Ltd. (http://en.seo.com.cn/) specialized in search engine optimization (SEO), network marketing and search engine marketing. Since established in 2002, equipped with approximately 100 staffs at present, we passionately dedicated to the growth...

SEO Solution

According to the survey, as many as 69.9% of the web surfers take search engine as the primary way to access to information. Search engine already became the sought-after marketing in 21st century, while SEO is deemed as the most economic, effective and lasting manner for website promotion.

Website Construction

As a professional SEO company, we provide SEO services to those companies who do not possessed marketing capabilities to stand firmly in the fierce competition in 21st century.

What is SEO (Search Engine Optimization)?

SEO is short for Search Engine Optimization, which is the technology boosting the website performance in the internet. By the know-how of search engine, a qualified SEOer can optimize the website fully to elevate the ranking in search engine and drive the visitors traffic, ultimately the sale and brand visibility will be uplifted.

Why your website needs SEO?

Major source of visitors traffic origin from search engine (Google, Yahoo…), which is the mainstream for users to search information, product and service, around 90% of the traffic brought by it. Act as one of the way to promote website, SEO granted with the most outstanding ROI compared with other kinds of online or offline marketing. Traditional advertisements only bring about visual impact to the potential clients by your product or service, while the search engine concludes real deals, so SEO is considered as the best way for website promotion.

Then, when a website can not perform soundly in search engine, your customer will not access to your website in time, which will result in: 1. the loss of a potential client;2. the client won by your rivals.

Our SEO Solution

Google, MSN, Yahoo or Baidu, any of these engines has its unique algorithm to rank the webpage.

Our solution devoted to heighten your website performance in search engine (Google, Yahoo…), seek through the most relevant core keywords, and uplift the ranking of such keywords in search engine.

We undertake that in our SEO solution, we will never adopt any unethical manner or misbehavior, but entirely rooted in our expertise and the permission of the search engine algorithm.