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Hangzhou SEO, the sponsor of the global Search Marketing Expo

Updated: September 25, 2008

Hangzhou SEO Network Technology Co., Ltd. accepted the invitation from Timev as sponsor of global search marketing conference. At this meeting, Hangzhou SEO has conduct a deep study of this SEO field with some search engine experts and engineers. The well-known Singapore Chinese SEO Expert Zanhui and the Google search engine algorithm engineers attended.

Search Marketing Expo SMX is the newly created by Third Door Media for Search Engine Marketing. Third Door Media runs news site “Search Engine Land”, and practice the online radio “site Search Marketing” Now. SMX is also well-known event in search engine field; there are not only staff members who engaged in the search marketing industry, but also some well-known large enterprises as well as engineers from the search engines official participation, including the well-known software engineer at Microsoft: Zhaohui Tang and the well-known search algorithms Google engineer: Jianfei Zhu so.

SMX Search Marketing Expo was mainly planned by the leading experts in the field of search marketing Danny Sullivan and Chris Sherman, they were the editor of Search Engine Land and executive editor. Their explosion in search engine and communication with insiders has educated generation by generation. Under their scheme, SMX has been able to touch the world’s pulse, and always offers the latest and most applicable content.

The Global Search Marketing Expo venue: •Nanjing. China
Organizer: Nanjing Science and Technology Bureau, the timev media, the U.S. Third Door Media Co-organizer: Jiangsu New International Convention and Exhibition Group Supported by: China Internet Association Official Site Description: http://event.timev.com/sem/nj08/

(Global Search Marketing Expo -Label card)

(The photo shows 2008 Global Search Marketing Expo, a spokesman ZAC is in a speech)

(The picture shows 2008 Global Search Marketing Expo —Sponsors)

(The photo shows the emcee Ni Yingwei delivered a speech at the 2008 Global Search Marketing Expo)

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