Company Website Construction

The rapid development of Internet technology in 21st century makes those companies who do not possessed marketing capability or with poor user experience will struggle to survive in the fierce competition.

Comparably speaking, traditional website construction only including webpage design and information display for clients, without taking account the importance of search engine and user experience, which leads to the loss of core competitiveness and ultimately perform poorly in the search engine and inferior user experience. Undoubtedly the website info will be overwhelmed in the internet, and no customers can be attracted due to poor user experience.

Devoting to advance website core competitiveness in long term, our company has proposed two principles of website construction to deal with the fierce industry competition: 1. website construction featuring user experience; 2. SEO-oriented website construction.

What is the User Experience?
User experience, most often abbreviated UX, but sometimes UE.

The UX can also be called the Customer Experience when concerning E-commerce website, normally It’s used to describe the overarching experience a person has as a result of their interactions with a particular product or website, including the impression and feeling, accomplish or not, enjoy or not, will they visit again or not, and the inquiry, doubts or the bug they can resist with.

What advantages do we have on website construction solution?
Unlike the traditional website construction, we highlight and intake the User Experience and SEO into website construction based on relevant needs.

Whereas we strongly emphasize User Experience and SEO owning to that, according to the past experience, a website integrated with search engine Algorithm design can perform better on search engine, thus it’s the most economic way for internet promotion. However even the performance sounds on search engine, it still can not keep customers or get considerable turnout if the user experience is poor, they are closely connected.

Therefore, when we accept an order of website construction, firstly we will analyze the customer’s request from the technical perspective, consider the technical feasibility and then analyze the characteristics of target web-users to decide the website content, layout, color etc., moreover we will organize the website structure featuring on the search engine.

Hence, compared with other websites without considerate user experience and SEO, our solution excels both in internet search engine performance and raise of the rate for maintaining customers.