CRO solution

CRO abbreviate for Conversion Rate Optimization, it makes Superior visual feeling by collocating website color; brings desired information by improving website structure; easily access to the demand webpage by excellent visit path; analyzes structural problem by bouncer pages and others in order that to solve for advancing user experience. CRO technology makes more demands come ture.

Homogeneously CRO weighs same as SEO, the latter brings traffic to the website, while the former converts the traffic into real clients. Both are extremely important to a website, the website will suffer a lot when either of them works poorly.

We( endowed with professional team holding around 8 years of CRO experience, moreover granted with professional art technicians, program engineers, user experience experts, webpage analysts, etc. Our CRO technology service as follows:

1. Choose suitable color, tone and etc. according to the targeted web surfers’ taste of the website.
2. Design the visit path for the entire website according to the orientation.
3. Optimize the content to make it more attractive in accordance with the taste of the targeted web users and other clients’ orientation.
4. Analyze the web users’ visit practices and propose the suggestion according to the browsing statistic system.
5. Analyze and perfect the website conversion rate, bouncer rate, bouncer page and other elements concerned.
6. Exploit and analyze the most precise keywords.
7. Analyze the landing pages.
8. Analyze and incorporate CRO advantage of the competitors’ websites.
9. Track, analyze and improve the technology index of website CRO timely.

If you need any support of CRO technology, please don’t hesitate to contact us.